FGTBA - Best Doctors in Tampa Bay

FGTBA is pleased to announce the physicians who have been chosen for Tampa Bay Metro Magazine's 2014 annual list of Best Doctors (Read Article):

John C. Basile
Enrico M. Camporesi
Sibat F. Chaudary
Andrew V. Dvoryansky
Frank Green
Vincent Guarini
Mark E. Kelly
Sarat B. Lingam
Etta L. Lowery
Devanand Mangar
Veronica L. Massey
Sumedha A. Panchal
William Quartuccio
John (Hans) Schweiger
Baiju P. Sheth
Reginald B. Simmons
Cong Wang
Brooke Williams

Critical Care
Attila Becsey
Ralph E. Robertson
John (Hans) Schweiger