FGTBA partipates in first CVRx Rheos system procedure

{ Posted on Jan 07 2010 by admin }

The world’s first CVRx Rheos system procedure was performed at Tampa General Hospital on Wednesday, January 6, 2010. The CVRx Rheos system, a device that is a little smaller than a thin wallet with wires leading to the carotid arteries, is designed to improve heart function and lower risk of death by monitoring and sending electrical signals to those arteries. Wednesday’s surgery was the first time the device was implanted for heart failure. The same device has been used in a clinical trial with 300 patients to lower blood pressure.

Gulf-to-Bay Anesthesiology Associates provided anesthesia services for the two hour surgery that yielded an immediate 30 percent drop in the patient’s blood pressure when the device was activated. Read More…

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